04 August 2006

New Kid on the Block

Tuned into Donnybrook last night--St. Louis PBS "talk" show for "intelligent debate." I never watch the show, as a rule. It isn't that I don't like Bill, Ray, Wendy, and the other two whose names escape me, but I never get much out of listening to them "debate" a single issue. Mostly, they exchange hot air.

Wasn't I surprised to see Colleen Caroll Campbell sharing a spot at the table with them on this week's show as a guest host. The IQ average doubled. Ray never has anything but his own inflated opinion [of himself] of the issue to add to the discussion. And Bill never really seems sure about anything he says. I always have the most hope for Wendy, who is never afraid to stand up to the loudest voice at the table and shout them down. Not that I have clue what her views actually are, but she asks good questions.

Colleen, author of The New Faithful, is not only smarter than the average bear, she's not even in the same forest. Her articles are always insightful, and she's young enough to be able to remember the statistics, scientific backup, and ethical grounds for everything she wants to argue for or against. She stood her ground and not only remained the voice of reason during the show, but calmly spoke to her table-mates to get them back on track. Even when she raised her voice, the others still seemed to be shouting without good cause.

I hope they invite her back, which would say more about the hosts' collective IQ than any "discussion" they can ever have without her.

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MP said...

That Colleen looks like she could be your sister! I didn't see it, I wonder if mom did?
Wendy must have recruited her, Wendy is on a national catholic radio station now. She said she really likes it, they built a studio for her in her basement. She doesn't have a partner like Bill anymore..she was freaking cause her daughters did summer vacation alone...to see family :0)
She has classic stories about that crew..they are a mess.
Her views are always a bit conservative...extreme compares to Ray.