07 August 2006

How I'd Like To Go Across the Sea to Ireland

I don't really need an excuse to go to Ireland, but if I did I might use this one:
The International Sr. Fidelma Society is hosting an event in Fidelma's honor.

Ireland's international best selling fictional detective celebrated in a

weekend convention by her `hometown'

September 8, 9 and 10, 2006

Cashel Palace Hotel, Cashel, Co Tipperary, Ireland

How much fun is that? Okay, maybe not for everyone. But if you've read Fidelma's stories you know that a the whole world of religious life in Ireland about the 7th century is a whole new world of fascination. One of the most interesting aspects to the stories is the history of the Church in Ireland and its rather caustic relationship with Rome. If the Celtic bishops had held their ground, the Church would have experienced a split long before Martin Luther.

Sr. Fidelma is a young woman, sister to the King of Cashel, and a respected daleigh of the courts of ancient Ireland. Wherever she goes, murder happens, and she is called on to solve the mystery of the crime. She's attractive, sharp witted, brilliant, intuitive, and in love with a Saxon monk, Eadulf. In ancient Ireland, women held the same rights as men and were equal in all things. By law. No need for women sufragettes. And Fidelma's love for Eadulf is not a problem for the Celtic Church, which allowed for men and women in religous life--those who have taken vows--to live a celibate life or to marry. And the religious communities honored the choices of each one.

Now, back to Ireland.... A friend accidentally forwarded an email meant for someone else to my email account. It offered links to various places to go in Ireland. Naturally, I took her mistake to be a sign from God that I should start planning for a trip to Ireland. Who would not want to be immersed in the cozy charm of an ancient castle on the sea.

Well, I would. Doesn't matter who else. I think I was born fourteen centuries too late. Though I am fond of flushing toilets and hot showers. So, to visit and experience another age is even better.

Sure'n there are even more places to go in Ireland than the Aron Islands. So, I think I'll have a look 'round and find them all. Who am I to ignore a sign from God!

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MP said...

It's like a miracle the way you can read the signs that God gave you. Yes...go to the emerald Isle. Bring you Aunt Pat something that says Kelley or you'll be in trouble, make sure it's something that collects dust.
Ireland is SO on my list before I die. J wants to go back to England, I say "pppsha"..take me to Ireland!