17 August 2006

Day 3 in Russia

On Day 3 in Russia, B explores St. Petersburg by hydrafoil and wanders into a trendy Russian hookah bar. His journal has been posted.


Margherita said...

Hi Deb. Margherita here. Remember me, Mary Pat's ex friend. I am back living in Austria again. Bill never made it to us that one year, freezing dew or some such thing. I read your blog which I found through MP's blog. You are very talented and encourage you to keep writing. I am sure lots of people read you avidly, but no one ever likes to post comments. Strange some kind of new age voyeurism. Take care.

MEISTER-Blog said...

I do I do remember you, of course. How ARE those babies??? Thanks for words of encouragement. The blog is my treadmill for the writer in me--exercise!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, Margherita again. The babies are great. Leonardo is now 7 and Annabella is 5. Your grandson is fantastic. I had heard about his heart trouble from my mom. She had talked to Mrs. Garascia a while back. I am so glad things are going well for him/you all.

Do you have a list anywhere of the books you have read? with comments about them? are they just mixed into the archives of your first blog? I started a book club here in Austria with some other native English speakers. We are always on the hunt for something good to read.

I will send you a picture of the kids. Take care and keep your head up. Marg