28 August 2006

Everyone Likes Good Manners

I have never used a urinal. Most men, in western societies at least, use urinals all the time. I was unaware until today that there is such a thing as "good urinal manners." However, I played the Urinal Game and got 100% correct.

If I could get one of those attachments for female urination [emiction, miction, micturition, uresis] that allows one to pee standing up, I think I should be able to use the men's room. I do have good urinal manners. No one should mind.

Info on said attachments:
My Sweet Pee
Travel Mate
TM is my personal favorite, though I don't have one and have not tried one. But it comes with accessories--why not accessorize?
The Whiz

I have been told that the line-persons for electric companies use a portable device that allows men or women up in the boom carts above the roadways, fixing the wires, to urinate in a comfortable, sanitary, and discreet manner. Why shouldn't we all have such a device available for easing the need to go?


MP said...

I didn't do well on the test.
Urinating in public just sucks. Sit, squat, stand..the flusher is gross the door handles gross..sinks etc. But when you gotta go you gotta go.

Margherita said...

Can I attach a picture here? I don't think so. Ever seen a typical toilet in Italy...everybody squats. Here is a link to one in Italy that is quiet lovely really.