24 March 2014

Schist Adds Beauty

When hiking along trails, creeks, and roads, I have seen more than my share of leaverite rocks. Sometimes these rocks show up back at home, in the garage or the washing machine, after they've fallen out of pockets. Such specimens should stay where God or the DOT put them--just leave-er-ite where it is.

Not so for the large slice of schist that surrounds our fireplace. While the warmth of the fire caresses my cold nose and chilly toes, I gaze upon the beauty of the fireplace surrounded by schist.

Take a look.

Set the auto-thermostat on the direct vent fireplace, sit back, read a book, sip wine, and watch the flicker of flames reflect on the sparkling gemstones in the schist hearth. A piece of art--made by God.

18 March 2014

Counting the Dead

Do you know how many dead people are buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery?

Trick question: They're all dead!

My father told me that joke when I was a child---every time we drove past a cemetery. I passed the chuckler on to my children and now to their children.

One day last week the clouds turned gray while we were driving toward the new bridge crossing the great Mississippi. The grandsons in car seats (3+ and 1+) were getting restless from the long ride. Where we can let them out for fresh air and room to explore? Bellefontaine Cemetery, of course.

I didn't know we had a couple of tomb robbers with us.
Looks like he needs help.
We'll never find them now.

A friend of mine gives tours of Bellefontaine Cemetery, and I've walked there with her a few times. Very impressive -- architecture, memorials, St. Louis history! Check it out online and plan to visit.

You can tell the joke as you pull in to the cemetery. Every time you visit.

Come across the new bridge from the east.