30 June 2014

The Big Reveal: Before

We live in a house built in 1987 by some very creative people. The real-estate blurb called it "Colorado Contemporary." It was love at first sight. Rustic Colorado stone exterior in front and cedar siding all around with clear-story windows and a unique floor-plan. In addition to everything we need on one main level, the house features a solarium with full length windows.
The roof lines give that Colorado Rockies vibe, also emphasized by the steep climb up the driveway. Our vision for the interior reflects an eclectic vibe, not as rustic as the exterior.

A few years ago, we started on the kitchen renovation. We stopped with yanking out the Jenn Air stove (with only two burners) and the small wall oven. In their place we installed the cabinets and counter where the wall oven had been, and added a new inductive range with large oven, and a microwave above it. The cabinets remained white, as originally built, except the ones on top over the range/oven. Those we replaced with a wood grain that imitates the original upper cabinets over the sink that have wood-framed glass doors.
In the middle of the kitchen pictured here, you see the enormous island (interior shot after cabinet and counter were removed). An island does not need to be this large, and we wanted to have a hangover for bar stools (get it hangover for....never mind).
Yes, that's a Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer (right of the photo), original to the 1987 house. Still works well. Since they cost more than most cars and have to be specially installed, we have learned to love it.
Stay tuned. I am not giving away the BIG reveal in this post. This week the finishing touches will be added and all in good time I'll share the photos of this 21st century make-over in another post.

Boats on the Water

The only thing more fun that one peddle kayak would be two peddle kayaks on the water. These speedy water crafts maneuver easily and defy tipping over.

Hobie Kayak with peddles, paddle, and a sail (not shown here)

26 June 2014

Stop! Don't eat that....

Organic market in Rome.
Knowing you have an interest in healthy eating, I thought you might find this article worth reading.
It's on the Internet so it MUST be true....
On the No No list you will find these US made foods, sold here, are banned in other countries. But some of the countries have changed their product make-up  to UN-ban the food to export to other countries to make it safer to consume, and they still don't change it here. Go figure!
Highlights from the article--to save time....the article lists more....

Mountain Dew --banned in Europe (MD does keep you from spontaneously bursting into flames)
Boxed foods, (Mac and Cheese) --banned in Austria, Norway, warnings in Britain, European Union
Chicken fed with Arsenic --banned by the European Union (lots of skinny chicks over there)
Bread made in the US --banned in Canada and China and the EU
Food made with Olestra --banned in UK and Canada (I never thought this stuff was a good idea)
Preservatives BHA and BHT (it's in everything) --banned in EU, Japan, UK
Milk and Dairy Products Made with rBGH  --Australia, New Zealand, Israel, EU and Canada

Read the details here    -----    http://oracletalk.com/10-foods-sold-u-s-banned-elsewhere/
Next time I have to grocery shop, I'm going to France. Well, I could go to Canada once in awhile.

Here's a mini-world tour of food I have experienced in traveling out of the USA. 

Frankfort, Germany. BOILED pork chop!

Fish in Ostia Antica, Italy.
The making of CAT POO POO Coffee--yes, cat feces, actually. The USA would probably prohibit this coffee.

On the coast of Bali, Indonesia.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Vancouver, Canada.

Dessert, in Ireland.