29 July 2006

A Well-mended Boy

Post-surgical recovery results in and doctors say he's better than new. And with a whole lot of renewed energy. So, this past week he had these ultimate St. Louis super experiences. We’ve been busy. The Zoo, Grant’s Farm, and the Museum of Transportation in one fun-filled week. By far the over-riding favorite were the trains at MoT all the way. He cried for a mile after pulling out of the parking lot, “Bu, bu, tootoo.” [trans: Bye Bye Choochoo]

I think I still like Grant's Farm the best. Free beer and all. Though, I can't say the ginger/ginsing/cherry beer is even BEER, free or not.

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MP said...

Never been to the trains at Mo T before...don't know how I missed that. Very good that little J man is doing so well. I guess that's what a million prayers and the pink ladies do :0)
Thanks for the heads up, I'll watch my "french" on the blog!