02 August 2008

Mile High

Record temperatures welcomed me to Denver on Thursday. And after frigid indoor temperatures I welcomed the 101 heat outside. My room at the Hyatt had a thermostat which I prompty set at 72--five degrees warmer than when I checked in.

When I arrived at the Sheraton to check out the L. booth in exposition hall, I walked into a lobby filled with large, burly men of all ages. In the same lobby, I noted all the women of a certain age dressed mainly in blue, black, and white. Not religious order habits, actually, but clearly they represented religious orders. The women and the men made for an unusual picture. I chuckled to myself.

Later, I asked what conventions were being held at the Sheraton. The burly dudes were gathered for the John Deere convention; the nuns were attending the Leadership of Religious Women Conference. The juxtaposition of the two tickled me.

Having nothing to do that evening, because I could not set up the booth until morning, I ventured out to the 16th street mall. Somebody in Denver knows what's what about drawing people into a downtown area. FREE shuttles travel up and down the mile long mall, closed to all other traffic. Cross streets have long lights giving pedestrians ample time to cross. Shops and restaurants line the street on both sides. No shortage of things to see and do.

Not enough time this trip to head off into the mountains. And due to the clouds and haze, I can't really see them clearly. But in the evening when the sun sets--it's a stunning view from the top of the Hyatt.

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