15 December 2007

Salvation Army and bells

I put money in the big red can while the bell ringer rang his bell outside of Schnucks last night. As I put the dollar bill and some change in the can, I paused and caught the bell ringer's eye.

"I have an idea," I said. "How about when people put money in the bucket, you stop ringing the bell."

"Ok," he said.

"I think if you STOP ringing the bell when people give you money, people would give you more money," I suggested.

"You think so? Maybe. I can try that."

"Good, I'll put my money in the bucket, and you can't ring the bell until I get into my car."

"Ok," he laughed, "it's a deal."

I placed my bill and change in the slit and waved goodbye. He raised the bell like he was going to ring it, but held it up in the air. "Go ahead, then. I'll wait." And he did.

Put money in the bucket and ask the bell ringer to stop ringing the bloody bell. If we all keep putting money in the bucket, the bell will never need to ring in annoying, constant ding dong ding, and they'll have lots of money to feed the poor.

It's a good idea.

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