17 August 2008

Mr. Jon Turns Four

On Tuesday Jon will be four-years-old. Today we had cake, sang, and opened gifts. Before the party started, while the cake was being iced, he proclaimed, "THIS is the birthday ever." All he wanted was a helicopter, which he received; complete with lights, sound, and a rescue hoist hook and basket. He does not know that Pops got a fly around the house remote control helicopter for his grandson's birthday. We thought we'd wait awhile to break it out of the box--some quiet rainy day.

Jon is still a big fan of trains. Two Fridays ago we spent the evening --ALL evening, until 10:30--in Kirkwood waiting for the AmTrack, for no good reason, mind you. Just because we wanted to see the train come in. We, that is, as in JON.

We waited, it was late, we waited, it was later, we waited and we watched the station attendant erase the board to fill in the new arrival a time. Another patient little boy(5), waiting for his grandparents from KC, said to Jon, "Hey, you could take the train home." To which Jon replied, "No, I tan't; it won't fit frough the door." I leaned over to Jon's ear and suggested his friend might mean that he could RIDE the train home. We all chuckled. And Jon could not figure out why.

Friday, Jon has his peanut challenge. They stick him in a room at the hospital and give him teeny bits of peanuts until he has an allergic reaction. Starts at 8:30 AM and could go until 4:30 unless he goes into anaphylactic shock - or not That's what the doc wants to know: just how allergic is he. Sound like one of those days we'll all be happy when it is over.

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