15 November 2012

Half Way Around the World And Back

I spent two days half way around the world all by myself. Okay, I was at the Bali Hyatt Resort, but it's a foreign country and no one knew where I was. Even if I'd gotten a text asking me, as I'm not great at directions or geography, they wouldn't have found me had I tried to tell them. The other 8 days, I spent with my husband on a wonderful adventure in Bali.
That's me, roasting the coffee beans for Luwak coffee. I later drank the coffee. Not very exciting, except that this coffee comes from cat poo. Read about it here. The taste is good, but we didn't bring any home.

I'm busily working on making YouTube videos of the trip. And more will be posted on our Where In The World blog, when all the photos have been downloaded and my journal entries are typed up. In addition to Civet poo poo, we'll have stories about the volcano, the elephants, the monkeys, the taxi drivers, and walking on the bottom of the sea.

Always good to come home. Sleep in a bed without mosquito netting or mosquito coils burning in the room. And make coffee from Trader Joe's just the way I like it.

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