15 January 2011

All wrapped up and no where to go

The weather outside is white. On tv they say the temperature is 27 but it feels like 15. I want to wear a jacket and go hatless, but white weather requires a higher level of planning what to wear than I'm capable of. Once I wrap up in all the layers, I'm too warm and can't drive the car because the Michelin Man posture makes it difficult to turn the steering wheel.

From the warmth of my kitchen I look out the window and squint because the white weather hurts my eyes. Little patches of grass peak through the white snow on the ground and fool me into thinking it's a hatless day. Huh! Yesterday i tried to walk from the car to the building without gloves. My fingers turned to icicles. And I was carrying a heavy package, so I couldn't stick them in my pockets.

I'd rather be in Key West or Miami where the climate allows for less planning in getting dressed to go outside in the winter. Less is more .

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