31 August 2010

Inside Mom's Head

The psychiatric nurse practitioner visited Muzzy today and called me afterward. Nurse mentioned in passing that there isn't much anyone can do for Lewy Bodies Disease. Like Alzheimer's, LBD is a form of dementia caused by protein buildup in the brain. An MRI or CATSCAN will not detect the protein. Only an autopsy can show for sure the diagnosis is correct.

Muzzy already takes an anti-psychotic, Serquel, and they are going to move to twice a day dosage. i guess it is the only option at this time. The hallucinations have now moved to paranoia about the staff. Sometimes meds can help with delusions, but most of the time--I think--even when the elderly take these drugs legitimately to treat symptoms it cause them to become droolers.

My own take on the delusions as symptoms focuses on the hardwiring of the human brain. More on that later.

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westcobich said...

hey, you! just stopping by to catch up, feed the fish (I love that thing in the right column of your blog) and also, about this entry, want to share my heartfelt wishes for everyone to be comfortable and feel loved. Our Moms are blessings, and in their ways, always needing us to measure up in various ways.

I've not heard of this LBD but hope that she finds some respite and is aware of the loving family that surrounds her.

Hugs to you.
OK, and WHEN are we gonna get together? Oh, I could use it. Maybe next week?
more later,