09 February 2010

Lettin' It Snow

New house, new job, and new lease on life. Mother Nature provided me with another pajama day, as the snow keeps falling and what melts in the sun on the pavement turns immediately to ice. One totally free week before starting the new job could be spent packing books and drawers for the coming move, but snow days have rules, and one of them is "If it was a day you'd go to work or school and it snows on this day, sitting around reading is expected." Fortunately, I went to the library yesterday and gathered a bog o' books just to follow this rule.

Making and Keeping Creative Journals
Write Away: One Novelist's Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life, Elizabeth George
A Moment on the edge, ed. Elizabeth George
New Media in Late 20th Century Art, Michael Rush
Darwin's Watch: The Science of Discworld, Terry Pratchett

And four periodicals:
Interior Design,
Nov. 2009
ART NEWS, Oct. 2009
Psychology Today, August 2009
ditto, Nov./Dec. 2009

Still on the bed-side table: Elain Viets' Clubbed to Death fun and easy read, started reading it after returning from our winter respite in Miami.

No more EPDs, no more PAWs, no more meetings waiting for the other shoe to fall, and no more wondering what's going on behind those closed doors.

Enjoy a house tour with Jon

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Addie said...

Fun fun fun! And lots of playtime with the wee boy! I'm a little jealous!

Hooray for no more drama!!