03 January 2010

Tis the season to read

On the reading list through this past long holiday break with no metro, bolo, dodo have been some lengthy and inspirational books:
In Due Season, by Paul Wilkes
Circling My Mother, by Mary Gordon
Pearl, by Mary Gordon
What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell
How Big Is Your God?, by Paul Coutinho, SJ
The Cavalier of the Apocalypse, by Susanne Alleyn
The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver.
Spiritual quests : the art and craft of religious writing, compilation of essays

None of them disappointing.
And several movies well worth watching: The Hours, Star Trek,Sherlock Holmes.

Tomorrow, metro, bolo, dolo, to do what I do: read manuscripts that will be books. The life of an English/Literature major: read, read, read. Read until the right time comes to write.

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