24 January 2007

Relatively speaking---

I want a president with good judgement. The president doesn't have to have be the smartest person on the planet because the president has a steady stream of advisors with lots of information, numbers, and plans. The president needs to have good judgement in order to sift through all the muck and make the right choice.

Has Hillary Clinton forgotten that we all know she married Bill Clinton? That does not show good judgement. And we remember his presidency and the endless stream of media attention that distracted from governing our nation with reagrd to his sexual exploits. Definitely a lack of good judgement in the whole family.

Is it too much to ask that we have a choice to elect someone who is not related to anyone who has ever been president? I'm tired of Kennedy relations, Bush relations, and Clinton relations. I think I might be tired of Arkansas, Texas, and the North Eastern states, as well. Californian is a weary topic, too. Maybe Indiana or Illinois or Kansas are states that breed people who have good judgement and have no genetic relation to anyone who has ever been president. We can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Obama is from Illinois...

Anonymous said...

Hi. Your comment is proving my theory right. Nearly every female that I have spoke to, does not like Hilary. Strange. You would think that the women would rally around a female candidate. I personally don't like her either but I can't tell you why. On one hand you have to respect her for not divorcing Bill. I would have. Yet she never spoke out about her opinion on this matter. Was it a topic she felt was personal and that the rest of the world should just butt out? I don't know. Some people say that Obama is not black enough to get the black vote. Is Hilary not woman enough to get the women's vote? Why don't YOU like her? Other than sticking by her cheating husband and staying "till death do us part", why do you say she makes bad choices? Is this sex topic the hot button that many of us can't get over? I think so. What do you think?

MEISTER-Blog said...

No doubt, the president's sexual affairs is a topic many Americans cannot "get over" and the Clinton years left a bad taste in the public's mouth (no pun intended). Hilary is a reminder. Bill's exploits were no worse than those of other presidents--many of whom probably were just not "caught in the act." But history found them out.

In the beginning, Hillary married Bill. She was young and probably in love or she was young and saw someone she could push to the top. I think he would not have been president without Hilary or another woman of equal caliber as his wife. My primary reason for not wanting Hilary as president is that she is related (by marriage) to a president. I don't believe in two presidential terms. I don't believe in an "inherited" presidential term. She's a fine senator. Obama will make a fine vice-president.

American women, stereotypically, do not like "pushy" women. Hilary comes across as a "pushy" woman. Men aren't "pushy" even if they say and do the same things as "pushy" women. Hilary is an intelligent woman, who knows how to work the system, but is also quite capable in her own right. If she were a man, she'd be president. But she's the wife of a president and the Clintons had their shot at changing the world.