24 February 2014

Costco Still Unaware

Not long ago, several posts previously, I described the typo in the Costco marketing brochure. While I was at my nearby Costco for my most recent purchasing adventure, I checked the brochure. All one billion brochures in the world (one presumes they only print one since the info won't change from state to state) have the same typo, mispelling the company's name as COCTCO.

When will they notice? What will it take to change the text of brochures?

COCTCO is not even pronounceable, really. Do they get many new members, or new members who pick up their Costco members brochures to learn about joining Costco? If not, why does Costco spend money on these brochures? If they don't care about Costco's image and attention to detail (or lack thereof), what does it say about the rest of Costco's business/management practices? Or the quality of Costco's service and products?

Well, Costco, I'd like to know.


Kelley said...

Ha! I will have to check up here and see if it is the same misspelling. Keen eye, as always!

MEISTER-Blog said...

Sharp eye for the obvious. If it had been a preposition, even a long one like "notwithstanding." But the name of the company? Kind of something you'd think they'd want to check.

Kelley said...

I looked for the pamphlet @ the one up here when I was there Saturday. No sign of it. Did they pull them all? ...probably not. Likely, I'm just not a very good searcher.

MEISTER-Blog said...

Visited Costco over the weekend. New brochure, no typo.