23 April 2013

Legally Happy

Get it while you can. Tylenol not only dulls physical pain, but takes the stings out of social rejection, too. Study results indicate acetaminophen goes straight to the neural center controlling physical pain and emotional distress. If you find yourself feeling those existential blues, take two Tylenol.

Drinking and acetaminophen don't mix. Too much even without alcohol can lead to an overdose.  Hundreds die each year from too much acetaminophen. If two tablets don't  perk you up and the existential downer lingers, you may have to make a change in the people with whom you associate.

Depression can "rub off" on others. Recent studies show that cognitive vulnerability is contagious. If your friends respond with pessimism, angst, and a mood slump to less than perfect situations, you may find yourself needing to take two Tylenol to lift your spirits.

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Kelley said...


there's a mention about tylenol somewhere in there. but also, it's an interesting article about loneliness.