18 June 2011

From Gateway to Golden Gate

Ms. Toad's Tours

The scene opens on North Bay Watch, as five friends defy the wind at Crissy Fields to view the Golden Gate Bridge. Our adventure began the night before, near Haight Ashbury at a boutique hotel, the Metro, where our friend, Pat--she who LIVES in San Francisco, met us after we'd flown in from St. Louis (Gateway to the West). Pat, SWLiSF, recounts the three day tour here Late to the Haight.

We could have been cast in a movie, filming that morning in one of SF's many parks. But since we'd promised to meet SWLiSF for our tour of the city sites, we walked on by this active city set.

Perhaps they chose to film the movie in this park because of the lush shoe garden.

After all, it's not often you see a garden full of shoes in bloom.

Our tour, unlike the typical SF tour, promised pizza, Picasso, and plenty of panoramas. Not the usual tourist attractions. But then, we had NO usual tour guide!

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