06 November 2007


I needed something to read that had nothing to do with anything I am involved in at the present time. My library shelves are double deep, but I know I have not read every book. Shoving some books aside, pulling several out in order to read the back cover, I finally found one. West by Night.

With the first page, my adventure began. This woman is amazing. As the book opens we learn that she is a pilot in the 1930's on the African continent at a time when only very few men were flying over Africa. Hemingway has said of Markham that after reading her book he is embarrassed to call himself a writer. Each chapter begins a new story from her life in Africa--from her childhood through adulthood. What a courageous soul. Nearly impossible to believe.

The book is easy to read, a page turner from beginning to end. I would guess that you could check it out of the library. Take it home and enjoy the adventure.

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