27 August 2007

What's the buzz?

The buzz is no doubt a mosquito scouting your fleshy parts for a landing site. Evey time I walk outside at or after dusk, I am bitten ALL over by mosquitoes. I googled "How to not get bitten" and found this horrible bit of information.

Can garlic keep mozzies away? The answer given was ‘No’ but the article contained a vital piece of information – that drinking alcohol attracts mosquitoes!

So, it's the wine with dinner that attracts the little buggers. Argh. Looking further into the problem at hand, I found the following advise

"B1 Vitamins (Thiamine) are another homemade remedy to keep mosquitoes away. Taking B1 supplements helps your body metabolize carbohydrates and fats and turns them into energy. It's also great for the heart. Not only that, but taking 25 to 50 milligrams of Thiamine three times a day makes your body produce an odor. Don't worry, other humans can't smell it, but female mosquitoes hate it.

You need to take Vitamin B1 for two full weeks before they kick into effect as an effective mosquito repellent.

Rubbing apple cider vinegar on your skin or taking vinegar capsules is another homemade remedy you can use. You need to drink two tablespoons of vinegar every day for this to work. If you can't stomach the idea of taking it straight, mix it in a few ounces of cold water and drink it down that way. Besides protecting yourself from those bloodsucking insects, apple cider vinegar has many other other health benefits as well. It can help relieve arthritis, lower cholesterol and more."

I'm ok with the B1 but the vinegar might not be my answer. My mother tells me to rub my arms and legs with a dryer sheet. She read it in a magazine. Mosquitoes do not like Bounce or whatever.

Other search engines generated a diverse pile of hoe to avoid being bitten. Most of them too bizarre to even think about.

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