10 May 2007

Why I don't go whale watching

Last time I had the opportunity to whale watch, off the coast of Vancouver, I opted not to sign up. The sea craft that would take me to the whales was a kayak. I'd seen video of a kayak overturned by a whale with a playful spirit. Though I am a good swimmer, I could not imagine swimming WITH whales, being eaten by a whale or another sea creature, or even just drowning in the cold sea.

Now, I have a new fear: Family scrambled to survive as boat sank off Hawaii
If you haven't heard the news, told today in the St. Louis Post, go read the story. I assume they've been on some number of tv shows; I'm a little behind in the news. This family will remember the day forever. And it won't be a pleasant memory.

The article doesn't say, but I don't think they saw any whales.

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MP said...

I read that this morning...scary vacation story.

A million years ago I went whale watching near Catalina Island. We saw whales, it was cool.

We watched a movie a couple weeks ago about a group that jumps off a yacht to go swimming in the gulf..they forgot to put down the ladder. My chest tightened and I had nightmares...that is scary scary stuff.