19 February 2007

Takin' the Day Off

As if I have nuffin' to do. But it's President's Day, and the world rests in their memory. Quite a creative lot of souls, I'd say, those presidents all; some more memorable than others. They inspire my creativity, and I searched for ways to doodle on the day we have off.

Here are some to view.
Doodle one
Forget therapy--analyze this, Freud.
Other medium for doodlers
Even presidents doodle.
Exposing some interesting insights.

There's a science to everything. I thought doodling was just, you know, doodling. How can there be rules?

Of course you can do art doodles any way you please, but we recommend the following rules:

  1. Working space refers to the entire area of the graphic file - in this case 300 x 300 pixels. Image refers to the actual shapes, pictures or lines on the working space when you first open the file. Picture refers to the completed picture after you have finnished doodling.

  2. You may enlarge the working space to 600 x 600 pixels.

  3. You may not erase any part of the image nor change the colours of the image nor cover more than 5% of the image (this allows for dithering or drawing a few lines over the image in order to complete your picture.
I think the rules are made to broken. Doodling relieves stress.
And some people are better than others. Do scroll down to see the cartoon.

I thought doodles were those shapes and scribbles I make while I am talking on the phone or listening to a speaker and pretending to take copious notes. I usually sketch the speaker. Passive aggressive behavior, I guess.

Aside: If you wear reading glasses--fun thing to do when someone is boring you: Look at the person in the room with you and tilt your head so that your reading lens is right about half way down their face. Shrinks the face. Makes it squatty and distorted. Don't laugh out loud, though. Every face looks different. Try it with various people in the room. Especially fun at bored, oops, board meetings.

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