12 November 2006


Some of us remember losing our favorite stuffed friend, truck, or doll when, against your mother's advise, we took the favored toy out of the house (e.g. say the favorite Lime Sherbert Strawberry Shortcake doll you lost at the ARCH!). The experience may have required you to have counseling later in life. Or maybe you are considering having counseling, unaware that the lost bunny or doll haunts your psyche to this day.

A certain little fella we all know has lost his Lovie. We knew it would happen one day. If you see a blue Lovie somewhere in the vacinity of Cape Girardeau, MO, let us know. Or if you see one for sale in your neighborhood, do give us a call. Here's what they look like. The distraught child would like the blue bear.



Marg said...

Deb, I know where to get another one but it will not have his name on it. Was his personalized? Let me know what you want to do.

MEISTER-Blog said...

Addie found a dalmation Lovie at Big Lots by chance the next day. jon
sort of liked it. I can get a blue bear one at St. John's hospital. His
was not personalized (which i think would be a good idea if it gets
lost again). And LAST night they found Blue Lovie!! near the front door
under an exercise ball. We are all convinced it was the hand of St.
Anthony who found Blue Lovie. Jon has been praying.

Thanks for the offer. I will know we have another source! Just in
case he wanders away again.

Marg said...

thank goodness. I hope not too much sleep was lost and tears shed in the process.